Celtic Futurism Zine

After a year of exploring the style I call Celtic Futurism. I’ve collected my favourite pieces and printed at A5 on the brightest fluorescent yellow paper I could find 🙂 I bound them myself using green yarn.

The zines are available to buy from my big cartel site on the store page.

Eroding and Joining

Eroding and Joining is a knot piece inspired by a model image created by the late great Italian architect Manfredi Nicoletti.

Manfredi Nicoletti. Casabella 347 1970,

I have been unable to find out how this image was created, is it an actual model? Or a painting? I love that I don’t know. I often gaze at it. The abstract form, the depth, contrast and being surrounded by darkness, all of this gives me a great sense of awe.

It inspired this knot. I feel when a mysterious image connects with you a knot is created.

“Dream Knot”

I had a dream last week that I was part of a 2D knot. It was so strange sensationally as I was no longer in a human body and part of 2D image. I have started to draw knots before bed so I put the experience down to this, it has also caused me to see flashes of knots as I close my eyes at night.

“Sculpted Knot”

“Sculpted Knot” is an A3 in a limited edition of 20. Printed on recycled paper through risograph at Marc the printers in Salford. This is the first- knot print I have created. It is suspended in darkness, fractured in some places and doesn’t make sense to me in others. It was possibly the weirdest piece I have created and having created it at the end of 2020 it may well be a reflection of my year.