Art/ A3Print for Anorak – Morphic

The 4th Grey Meta release by Anorak is now available for pre order through Bandcamp. The tracks are exploding with energy, Anorak has crafted a fine fusion of breakcore, dnb and acid with plenty of funk through out.

For this release I decided to create an A3 piece of art using my synesthesia, in which a main square panel in the bottom section of the art would be used for the release art and streaming platforms. The full piece would then be printed as a 4 colour risograph print by Marc the printers in Salford and sold through the Grey Meta Bandcamp.

Anorak – Morphic A3 Risograph on 300gsm paper.

I really enjoyed extending the art for this release, squares can be quite limiting and having the extra space allowed me to create a piece I felt could illustrate the movement of energy I was seeing from the music.

I found the music so visually dense and intense, with many layers of patterns, colours and angular shapes within each track. I focused on certain tones and forms that appeared as the bones of music. These were never in a solid state for long though, as the sounds in his tracks are constantly shifting, morphing and exploding. As such, it made sense to me to illustrate them in a sequential manner of sorts.

The digital design for Anorak – Morphic

I wanted to use a photo of the actual print for the release as I felt it had unexpected textures and imperfections which the Risograph printer would create.

Below is an image of the thumbnails I created in my sketchbook whilst first listening to the release.

It was a pleasure to have had the chance to create art for Anoraks music, he has blown me away at many festivals and raves with his powerful sets through out the years. I recommend checking out his back catalogue of albums and releases and if you ever see him on a line up he’ll get you pulling all sorts of shapes!

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