Azrak – Spells Ep

This is the artwork I have created for my new EP out on Grey Meta. With this release, I wanted to merge and melt genres whilst producing tracks over a range of tempos.
I had thought about how hardcore in its origins took from many genres, molding together breakbeats with 4×4 rhythms and hip hop samples. It was seen as a mongrel genre. This no doubt still happens but I feel with hardcore now, it’s the kicks that have come to define it as a genre. I have no problem with this, I just wanted to experiment with tracks that may not sound like hardcore at first but have the spirit of it within them.

I also wrote this poem to accompany the release.

In its grip.
Whilst we grip it.
In our minds, whilst we walk, talk and sit.
Forever now,
In our Crooked necks.
Infinite minutes.
Infinite checks.
For still is not still
And this box cannot be shut.
Space is full and the strings that pull,
Cannot be cut.
If. How. When.
We do put it down
We remember then.
There’s another reality,
To which we are bound.

You can hear it here.

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